Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some new pics!!!

WOW-I haven't posted since June..way too long!!  Our family is doing amazingly well.. The kids are phenomenal and it feels like we have all been togther forever!  They all get along, but they have such different personalities-it is wonderful!   Summer was fun-we finally got pool completed so we were able to enjoy it for most of the summer-even though it is still summer here for a while in FL!  We took a weeks vacation in Orlando-had a blast! 

The kids went back to school in August-they love it and are doing well. Joseph is in 8th grade and goes to school with Dave so that has worked out good!  Alex (he ended up moving from 2-4th grade because he had mastered the 3rd grade curriculum) and Yordanos are in 4th grade   Danny is in 2nd grade!  It has worked out well b/c they don't go to school with eitehr of us so it gives them some independence!  We are so proud of how well they are all doing. 

Most of our adoption paperwork has been taken care-just waiting on a few things to close that chapter.  We went to court this summer and changed Yordanos' age-2 years older-she is definitely not 8!!  We also readopted the kids in the state of FL!  Nice to have that all done!  Hopefully in the next  few months or so the rest will be taken care of!  Can't believe the boys have been here a year this week and Danny and Yordanos have been here 4 months!  Life sure is busy!!!

Here are a few pictures from this summer....hope to blog more often!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where does the TIME go??

Where does the TIME go?? Life is sure busy with 4 kids-but lots of fun! It will be a month this week that the kids have been here! They are all doing wonderful-Danny and Yordanos are adjusting so well and Alex and Joseph have been an amazing support for them. The only downfall is they don't seem to be learning English as fast as the boys did-we think it is b/c the boys are only speaking Amharic to them so they only have to speak English to us. Also b/c they are not in school yet either. We are working on it and I am sure they will pick it up soon.
Everyone how is 4 kids? We try and stay very busy doing lots of activities-we are in process of putting in a pool and they LOVE the water so that will be lots of fun! It's kind of funny- In some ways-it is easier with more kids-they definitely keep each other occupied and they get along very well. In other ways-like laundry, food shooping and cooking-some days are overwhelming. I am learning that my house (or my car) will never be clean again and I just have to accept it! Life goes on...
I am pretty tired tonight so just really wanted to post some pics-everyone has been asking me for some. We are working on a family picture-tried today, but didn't come out too good.
More later...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What a JOY!!!

2 days in USA....what a riot they are!! Danny is more dramatic than Alex-if this could even be possible! He is a riot-thank goodness Joseph translates b/c he is just too funny! Sometimes Joseph can't even translate b/c he is laughing too hard! Language is coming already and he loves the boys!! They are pals already! Yordanos is such a girlie mommas girl! She is attached to my hip-but is warming quickly to the boys! Loves the trampoline and the beach today!! She always wants to help!

We are keeping busy-went to the pool yesterday, bike riding and beach today-they LOVED IT!!! Couldn't keep them out of the water! They all fell asleep early tonight-they were exhausted!!

Wow-4 is quite busy-but GOOD!!! Never any down time-except when they are sleeping!! I just can't believe the food-especially the fruit we go through and of course the laundry!!! SO glad I have off the next few weeks-we can get into a routine and get somewhat settled!
Here are a few pics of the kids....gotta get a family picture soon-will work on that...soon!
More later....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home.....

Wow!!! What an amazing day and such a blessing to have our whole family together! Dave and the kids made it home safe and sound! Everyone is doing well and on cloud 9!! There are just no words to even here are some pics from their trip!  They are amazing!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Slover Journey Last Chapter!!!

It is almost over-the journey part that is-it is really just the beginning for all of us! Dave, Danny and Yordanos are in route as I type this! They left Ethiopia earlier today and landed in Dubai and are heading to JFK now. We spoke to them right before they got on the plane and they are all doing well and anxious to get HOME!!! We will pick them up from the airport tomorrow afternoon! The boys and I made a "Welcome Home" sign today and put the finishing touches on their rooms. Can't believe it is finally happening-someone might need to pinch me!!! Parents of 4 is going to change big time tomorrow-but what a blessing!

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes! We appreciate the love and support from everyone! After 2 and a half years...we are ready to close this chapter and move on!!
Take Care and we will keep everyone updated! I will try and post some pics in the next few days.
The Slover Family

Heading Home....

Huge sigh of relief....they passed through the embassy appointment today and are heading home tomorrow (Wednesday-really today already-it is 8am Wednesday morning in Ethiopia right now!!).  Dave says-he will breathe a sigh of relief once they are on the planes back to USA!  We were able to get the same flights as he had a few days ago...with a hefty change fee of course!!!  They will get into Florida Thursday late afternoon.  The boys and I will meet them at the airport-I keep imagining what the homecoming will be like after 2.5 years of waiting-almost surreal! 

One of the things that Dave is most upset about is he will miss an important day for Alex tomorrow-Alex is receiving a Student of the Month award at school tomorrow morning.  This is a HUGE accomplishment for him-as he has done a 180 change in the past 4 months-it has been amazing.  He has been working so hard towards this goal and finally earned it this month.  Makes me sad that Dave will miss it....but we will celebrate when they return.

Thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers-we felt them!

More later...

The Slover Family

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Almost Home Part II...

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers!! It looks like Dave and the kids will be heading home Wednesday night from Ethiopia. They should arrive in Florida Thursday late afternoon! They are all very ready to come home and we are so ready too!! Dave is doing all he can to entertain them-hiking, pool, lion zoo, but it is tough being cooped up in a hotel room and add the language barrier to that! But overall-they are doing very well. We talk daily and Dave always has a funny story about one of the kids. Today he said-well Alex and Joseph will have to talk to Danny about shampoo. Danny took a shower tonight and after he came out and dried off-he then put shampoo on his head and thought he was done!! Pretty funny. We just can't wait for them to come home!

The boys are doing well and very anxious for Dad and Danny and Yordanos to come home. We postponed Mother's Day for us until next week when we can all be together!! Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!

The Slover Family

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another bump in the road.....

Well....I guess I spoke to soon. There was a little problem at the Embassy appointment today and unfortunately Dave and the kids will have to postpone coming home until next week. In a nutshell, our adoption agency screwed up again and didn't order a specific medical test that is required and now they have to backtrack and get it done. So it looks like they will all be heading home next Thursday the latest and hopefully will be back in USA next Friday or Saturday-maybe sooner but we'll see.
Obviously, we are all upset about this, but we have come too far too let this get in the way and ruin our happiness! Best things in life...never come easy.  We'll get through it and they will be home next week to join us! Dave and the kids are doing ok-they made a few plans for the weekend-hiking trip, visit to the Lion Zoo and they are going to try and swim at the Hilton.

Please keep us all in your prayers for a speedy and safe trip home.

The Slover Family

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost Home....

It seems like the longest week of our lives just waiting for Dave and the kids to come home!!  I don't know if it is the stress or anticipation, but it feels like a never ending week!  2 and a half more days and they will be home! 

Dave and the kids are doing very well.  They weren't able to do the lake trip-it was too cold.  Instead Dave spent the day with all of the kids in the orphanage-playing soccer and just having fun!  It has been 2 years since Dave was there so lots has changed and the children have all grown!  He said Danny was physically attached to him (literally on his back) the whole day and was ready to go!  He will fit right in with Alex!  Yordanos was a little more reserved, but is warming up very quickly!  Kind of like Joseph! 

Tomorrow is their embassy appointment and then they head home Friday evening.  They fly to Dubai and then head to JFK.  They have a few hour layover in JFK on Saturday morning and how cool-my sister is planning to meet them there!!  Then my parents and the boys and I will meet them at the airport on Saturday afternoon!  I can't wait to see the boys and Danny and Yordanos' faces when they meet!!  I keep picturing it in my head-can't believe it will be real on Saturday!

Here are a few pics that Dave sent-Danny is so cute with his missing teeth!  Yordanos is gorgeous!!!

More later...

The Slovers

Sunday, May 2, 2010

6 More Days.....

6 More Days until they are home!!!!  I think it hit me today when I spoke to Dave this morning and he was actually in Ethiopia!  Made it all so real!  It is so cool-we have been able to speak through skype!  He is doing well-safe and sound.  He went shopping today for all of the stuff that we wanted from Ethiopia!  I laughed-he said Ayele (our driver in Ethiopia)  said I shop better and can spend money much better than Dave!  SO true...Ayele and I were always shopping when I was in Ethiopia!  Hopefully tomorrow he will meet with Hope staff and get the paperwork done and also meet with the Dr. from the orphanage.  He is planning to get the kids on Tuesday-can't wait to hear all about it!!!

The boys are doing great-both missing dad, but they are good.  Joseph spent the weekend with my dad and Alex and I ran around and did lots of stuff!  We all spent the day today at the beach-nice end to the weekend! 

More later...

The Slover Family

Saturday, May 1, 2010

On his Way....

It's still a little surreal and sometimes we have to pinch ourselves to make sure it is real-but yes Dave left yesterday (Friday) for Ethiopia to get Danny and Yordanos!! He is in flight as I write this-he will arrive in Dubai this morning (night there-about an 8 hour time difference) and stay overnight in a hotel and then leave in the morning (our night) for Ethiopia. Travel is a bear-the flight is about 14 hours to Dubai and 4 hours to Ethiopia-but it is all worth it!!

Along with all of the required paperwork and embassy visit, he has a lot planned while in Ethiopia. He is taking all of the kids from Bethel Orphanage (about 17 kids) on a Lake trip-should be a blast for all of them! He is also going to be able to meet with Alex and Joseph's family as well as Danny and Yordanos' families so it will be such an amazing experience! This will probably be our last trip to Ethiopia for a while so we made a LONG list of stuff to bring home-can't wait for Ethiopian coffee and spices!! Luckily, we have two wonderful gentlemen who we keep in close contact with in Ethiopia who will be joining him and helping him out a lot on the trip so he won't be solo all the time!

The boys are doing well-of course they miss their dad, but they are really excited about Yordanos and Danny coming! They are counting down the days!!

Please keep Dave and the kids in your thoughts and prayers! Hopefully I can give some updates on his trip-communication is not always easy there and they are entering rainy season so all depends on power and Internet outages!!

Here are a few recent pics of the boys!  I had to post the one with Alex in a tie-he wanted to dress just like his dad one day-didn't last long-he took the tie and shirt off before he even got to school! 
The Slover Family...of 6!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Almost Home....

We are getting closer-Dave is scheduled to leave on April 30th to travel to Ethiopia to pick up Danny and Yordanos!!!  We are all so excited-they boys are making plans for their new brother and sister.  Alex even wants to share his clothes with Danny-not so much Yordanos yet!  Every day-it becomes more of a reality that we will soon have four beautiful chldren and be a family of 6!  Wow....They will all return to USA on Saturday, May 8th-the day before Mother's Day!  I can't believe we will actually have all of our children on Mother's Day-how special! We are truly blessed!

Our plan (at least for now) is for us both together to take off a week with the kids-doctors, fun, etc...and then I will take off until the end of the school year.  It really is too late to officially start them in school this year, but we will spend some time socializing and acclamaiting and visit school a few times.  A dear friend who has been right along side of me through this adoption process just returned from Ethiopia with her two children (they are at the same orphanage as our kids) and they have had a wonderful transition-very happy!  Hopefully we will have the same and the boys will be a HUGE help with the kids.  What a godsend-who better to help than the boys-who have already been through this and can speak their langauge.  She also sent mesome pictures of the kids-hey have grown so much!  Danny has gotten taller and Yordanos is a young lady now.  We haven't seen a picture of them since August of last year-way too long.  SO precious!

The next 2 weeks will be busy with planning, preparing and packing-so much to do-so little time.  Hopefully my next post will be an update on how Dave and the kids are doing in Ethiopia-so stay tuned!

Here are a few pics too!

The Slover Family of 6!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Slover Family of Six....

The day has finally come for us....after 2 years, 3 months and 6 days we finally passed court for Danny and Yordanos.  We are just so elated that they are officially our chilren!  It couldn't have happened on a better day-also Alex's birthday!  It has been such a long journey for us all with so many ups and downs, we are just so glad this part is over and we can't wait to bring them home into our family.  The boys are extremely excited about their new brother and sister and are already making plans for them.  No travel dates yet-we expect to travel in 5-7 weeks hopefully.  Dave will go to Ethiopia this time to pick up the kids, while I stay home with the boys.  As much as I'd love to go (and yes it is killing me not to go)-It's still to early to leave the boys or to bring them back to Ethiopia.  They have made so much progress and are really doing wonderful it has just been an amazing transition the past 3 months.  God works in amazing ways and always has a plan-I think we needed this transition and healing time with the boys before we could bring Danny and Yordanos home. I guess this was always the plan.   We always kept faith and knew in our hearts it would happen.

I can finally post some pictures of Danny and Yordanos YAY!!!  Here are few of the boys also and I will try to update this weekend more on the boys, who are officially Slovers now also-their adoption was finalized on 2/16/10!  I am going to try and be a better blogger-but with a family of 6 it may not happen!!