Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some new pics!!!

WOW-I haven't posted since June..way too long!!  Our family is doing amazingly well.. The kids are phenomenal and it feels like we have all been togther forever!  They all get along, but they have such different personalities-it is wonderful!   Summer was fun-we finally got pool completed so we were able to enjoy it for most of the summer-even though it is still summer here for a while in FL!  We took a weeks vacation in Orlando-had a blast! 

The kids went back to school in August-they love it and are doing well. Joseph is in 8th grade and goes to school with Dave so that has worked out good!  Alex (he ended up moving from 2-4th grade because he had mastered the 3rd grade curriculum) and Yordanos are in 4th grade   Danny is in 2nd grade!  It has worked out well b/c they don't go to school with eitehr of us so it gives them some independence!  We are so proud of how well they are all doing. 

Most of our adoption paperwork has been taken care-just waiting on a few things to close that chapter.  We went to court this summer and changed Yordanos' age-2 years older-she is definitely not 8!!  We also readopted the kids in the state of FL!  Nice to have that all done!  Hopefully in the next  few months or so the rest will be taken care of!  Can't believe the boys have been here a year this week and Danny and Yordanos have been here 4 months!  Life sure is busy!!!

Here are a few pictures from this summer....hope to blog more often!!


Rebecca said...

I'm so glad to see an update from your family. Everyone looks so happy!

Kristine said...

I love it! How awesome. Can you believe you are finally almost at the end of the adoption journey? (and the beginning of the parenting one,,,haha)
What a blessing that they are all getting along and doing great in school!
All the best!